Stitch mts for thermal isolation
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Stitch mts for thermal isolation

Technical specifications .2.7-21.356-99

Stitch mts are intended for thermal isolation of the equipment and pipelines, and also buildings in industrial, civil and housing construction. Limit of temperature of surfaces which are isolated:

  • at use of mats of all marks in a facing from glass fabric, except for mark , - 723 K (+450 );
  • at use of mats without a facing - 973 K (+700 ) in case of application of cloths from superthin glass staple fibres for the building purposes and 1173 K (+900 ) in case of application of cloths glassmicrocrystall staple;
  • at use of mats of MTPS marks which are applied only in a facing from glass fabric, 453 K (+180 ).

Technical specifications are suitable for the purposes of certification.

For facing and insertion of mats are applied such materials:

for facing

  • fiber glass fabric of mark 1x95 GOST 8481;
  • fabric made from glass complex lisle thread GOST 19170;
  • a fabric for electric isolation from glass lisle thread complex strings GOST 19907;
  • fiber glass fabric marks ?-23 on THAT 6-11-231;

for insertion

  • roving from glass lisle thread GOST 17139;
  • glass lisle thread GOST 8325;
  • siliceous lisle thread GOST 6-11-389.

For thermal isolation of pipelines is recommended to use a winding atop of mats by fibreglass -200, impregnated with latex.


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