Manufacturing of the equipment according to the order out of polypropylene sheet
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Manufacturing of the equipment according to the order out of polypropylene sheet

Polypropylene sheet received as a result of thermal pressing of high-molecular polypropylene. It practically does not show hygroscopicity, possesses fine chemical stability in the majority of excited environments, operates in the organic and inorganic concentrated and diluted acids, is fine dielectric. Polypropylene has low water penetration and gas permeability. Depending on temperature conditions possesses both elastic, and plastic properties. Relative mechanical characteristics of polypropylene allow to create at identical weight stronger constructions, than steel. Strength at statistical loading of products from polypropylene in 3-4 times is more, than at similar products made of polythene of a high pressure. Copolymers of propylene with ethylene, etc. appreciably raise its frost resistance, impact strength, reducing thus propensity to formation of cracks.

Installations of clearing of manufacturing water

In case of absence of the central water drain in the private (individual) house, base of rest, the industrial enterprise it is irreplaceable installation of water treatment . Installation will consist of polypropylene container type case divided into partitions on separate functional compartments: a primary sediment bowl, the activator, a secondary sediment bowl.

From above the case is closed by polypropylene cover with hatches for service, monitoring of process of clearing and sampling of the cleared water. A source of compressed air is the compressor installed in a compressor box directly near installation or separately, in garage, a cellar, etc.

The principle of work of installation of water treatment lies in destruction of organic substances by microorganisms under influence of submitted air. Once a year from installation it is necessary to pump out superfluous silt which is excellent fertilizer on a country site. Installations are capable to clear field waste water up to a high level that allows to use the cleared water for the technical purposes or having watered green plantings, to dump the cleared water in a reservoir with observance of all ecological requirements.

Installations are reliable, compact, in service are simple. Are established underground on the condensed earth basis with leveling by sand. Operates from the compressor, submitting air in system, and does not demand other charges.

It is made according to the order out of polypropylene sheet :

Galvanic and etching baths . Resistance of polypropylene to influence of aggressive chemical substances allows to make operational etching baths, loose leafs in galvanic baths of any sizes and forms.

Systems of ventilation (air lines). Corrosion resistance to vapors and aerosols of water, acids and alkalis allows to make of polypropylene air lines of various diameter, exhaust umbrellas and onboard aspirator, other non-standard equipment for systems exhaust and forced ventilation.

Capacities for potable water and foodstuff in volume from 300 up to 100000 liters. The form, volume and stud capacities is defined by the customer. Capacities can be equipped by carving fitting, flanges, with stop valves, mixers and pumps.

Capacities for storage of aggressive substances. Polypropylene proof to many aggressive substances, including to hydrochloric, the chamois, to fluoric and phosphoric acids, coagulant, hydrochloric sodium, to all alkalis and solutions of salts.

Domestic and public pools. It is made pools of any sizes and forms out of polypropylene of blue color. We complete pools with the equipment. We make "bowls" of pools in a place in already constructed inhabited and public buildings.

Scrubbers, cooling tower and other the process equipment .

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