Polyurethane, Fluoroplast, Polypropylene, Organic glass, Merkanit, chemical products
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Constructional plastics, materials for electric, thermal, waterproofing isolation, rubber-technical products, chemical reactants


Polyamide, Merkanit, polypropylene, polyurethane, fluoroplast, pleksiglass, plastics, rubber-technical products, chemical reactants

The trading-industrial enterprise in Poltava carries out wholesale trade in chemical products. Constructional plastics, materials for electric, thermal, waterproofing isolation, rubber-technical products, and chemical reactants are not full list of the offered goods. JSC "Poltavhim" in Poltava city operates in the markets of Ukraine since 1995.

The accent of work of the enterprise is stressed on introduction to the industry of Ukraine of plastics, in many cases replacing pig-iron, bronze, textolite, etc. Application of plastics reduces the cost of a product, increases term of operation. Today the new "know-how": block Polyamide 6 filled with graphite, silicone and those which are greased independently and usual are introduced in the market. Today you can already order polyamide - 6 (Merkanit-), Merkanit, Kaprolan with the sizes necessary to you, and also a number of other materials: polythene, polythene PE-500, PE-1000, polypropylene, polyurethane, fluoroplast, plexiglas, PVC, vinyl plastic, fiberglass, cellular polypropylene.

We pay attention to gradual replacement of asbestoses materials by materials with higher characteristics on the basis of the ceramics, the thermo-expanded graphite, Teflon. All stuffing has the European quality, including asbestoses group. Last time amplifies demand for qualitative rubber-technical materials. We guarantee qualitative crude rubbers, silicone rubber to the requirement of the customer. Under the order on demand of the client we carry out delivery of special rubber such as IRP -1074.

Dynamically developing, our enterprise offers services on machining preparations from constructional plastic: manufacturing of cartridges, pinions, manufacturing of details on coordinate machine tools, cutting by the laser of sheet of materials with thickness up to 20 mm under drawings of the customer, moulding of plastic and manufacturing of forms for pressing if necessary. Now we make buildings habitable in winter. Widely used materials constantly are presented in our warehouses. Special materials, after the coordination with the customer, are delivered under the order in the shortest terms.

JSC "Poltavhim" produces profile rubber products under drawings of the Customer.

We practice a flexible tariff and financial policy.


Polyamide - 6 block shock-resistant, filled with silicone (Merkanit-B "" filled with silicone)

Shockproof Merkanit-B filled with silicone is necessary at manufacturing: bearings and support of sliding, sliding directing, compacting.

Area of application of shockproof Merkanit-B filled with silicone: machine tools and motor-technical equipment, aircraft, engines of internal combustion, hydroarmature, hydraulic engineering constructions, submerge pumps. Merkanit-B "" filled with silicone operates in environments where there is no greasing or its supply is complicated. Perfectly operates in the air environment, water (including sea), oils, gasoline.

Merkanit-B with molybdenum oxide - one of the latest achievements of technological progress. This material operates three times better, than Merkanit-B filled with graphite.

Merkanit-B "" filled with silicone is perfectly processed by any mechanical tool.

Operational modes     /     Characteristics of a material     /     Modes of processing of Merkanit-B ""     /     Merkanit in the chemical industry     /     Merkanit in handling     /     Merkanit in metal manufacture     /     Use of Merkanit in shipbuilding     /     Use of Merkanit in agricultural machinery

Lines of galvanic coverings

JSC "Poltavhim" offers introduction of the newest European technologies (firms "GEMU", "LINNH0FF") and the equipment (firms " DIFFENBACHER ", " BATTENFELD ", " MANNESMAN DEMAG ") in the field of automated galvanic lines, its designing, production, installations up to adjustments and training of the personnel, using modern materials both the own manufacture, and the European manufacturers.

Chemically proof polymeric materials allow to refuse in some cases from usage of the titan, lead, stainless steel and other materials. Service life of the equipment from the above-stated materials in some times is more, than corresponding analogues from metals.


The automated and mechanized galvanic lines     /     The basic units of lines    

Sheets of polyethylene

Polythene -500-(average molecular weight 500000 g/mol). In this mark rigidity, shock-absorbered ability, durability to deterioration and abrasion is combined, but welded badly. It is used in food (meat and fish) industries, it is suitable for every possible mechanical, chemical, electric processes.

Polythene -1000 - average molecular weight 4500000 g/mol. The best combination of properties among all marks of polythene of ultrahigh density. At excellent wearability there is high shock durability even at temperatures lower -200. It is applied in designs of general purpose, containered and packing machines, the chemical industry and galvanic coverings, cryogenic techniques, the textile industry and containers for friable materials.

Properties of polythene   /   Use of polythene in industry

Silicone rubber (a silicon technical plate)

Flexible and elastic silicone rubber has unique chemical structure which gives to it high temperature stability and chemical inertness than any another elastomer and as result - it can operate in conditions where can not be used other material.

This rubber plate considerably surpasses others elastomers in stability under influence of high temperatures, surpasses them on service life, possesses smaller residual deformation and antiadhesion properties, has no smell, taste and is not toxic, possesses by excellent stability to atmospheric influences, on it solar radiation, ozone, a moisture and dryness.

Silicon rubber is monolithic in a roll, has smooth, free of defects surface. It is made in tens variants of hardness beginning from relatively soft 30 shA up to rather hard 70 shA.

The basic properties  /   The basic characteristics  /   The description, application and indications to application

Basalt isolation

Basalt fibers and materials on their basis possess high properties to isolate a sound and heat. Advantage of basalt isolation (in comparison with other materials, especially synthetic origin) is an opportunity to unit heat and sound insulation with fire safety.

The basic properties  /   Characteristics  /   Area of application

Stitch mts for thermal isolation

Stitch mts are intended for thermal isolation of the equipment and pipelines, and also buildings in industrial, civil and housing construction. Limit of temperature of surfaces which are isolated:

  • at use of mats of all marks in a facing from glass fabric, except for mark , - 723 K (+450 );
  • at use of mats without a facing - 973 K (+700 ) in case of application of cloths from superthin glass staple fibres for the building purposes and 1173 K (+900 ) in case of application of cloths glassmicrocrystall staple;
  • at use of mats of MTPS marks which are applied only in a facing from glass fabric, 453 K (+180 ).
Technical specifications  /   Materials of a facing and stitching

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